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J Jar

J Jar

Homemade spreads such as Peanut Butter, Tapenades and Pesto…
There are more than 10 different kinds of spread between sweet and savory each with accurate nutritional facts printed on every jar.

address: Tilal Ain Saadeh
phone: +961 3 397 899
facebook: @JJarhomemade
instagram: @JJarhomemade

Wooden Bakery

Wooden Bakery

Wooden Bakery have 2 special vegan wraps, the Hummus wrap, and the Falafel wrap.
The Batata wrap, which was vegan, now has mayo in it; but you can make sure to ask them to hold off the Mayo…
In addition to those newly added vegan items, you can find other vegan options in their menus, like Zaatar Mankousheh, Kebbet Lakteen, Fatayer Selek, Hummus, Moutabbal and so on.

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address:  Adma / Adonis / Ain Saadeh / Ajaltoun / AmiounAshrafieh / AwkarBaabda / Baabdat / Bauchrieh / Bikfaya / Biyada / Broummana / Burj Hammoud / Chekka /  Chiyah / Choueifat  / Chtaura / Dahr El Ain Dekwaneh / Elyssar / FanarFurn el Chebbak / Halat / Jal El DibJbeilKfarhbab / Mansourieh / Mar Roukoz / NaccacheRabwehSaida / Tripoli / Zahleh / Zalka / Zgharta /  Zouk Mikael / Zouk Mosbeh
phone: by location
facebook: @WoodenBakeryLebanon
instagram: @WoodenBakery.Leb
menu: Wooden Bakery Menu