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Roadster Diner

Roadster Diner

Roadster Diner decided they’d rather be the Best than the First!
It’s worth saying that Roadster Diner, is the first mainstream restaurant to think out of the box when it comes to vegan recipes! Gone is the Cumin & Kale in every single product!
Only WHEN & IF needed!

On World Vegan Day 2018, Roadster Diner released their Full Vegan Menu!

All in all, in this Vegan Menu, it’s safe to say that Roadster, once again, did not join the Choir, but decided to sing its own Vegan Tune!
The Vegan Items have been available in all Roadster branches since Monday November 5th 2018…

address: ABC Ashrafieh/ ABC Dbayyeh/ ABC Verdun/ Beirut City Center/ Beirut Souks/ Bliss/ Broummana/ City Mall/ Down Town/ Hamra/ Le Mall Sin el Fil/ Jal El Dib/ Jbeil/ Jounieh/ Saint Nicolas Ashrafieh/ The Backyard Hazmieh/ Zaitunay Bay
phone: +961 4 720 005 / 1585
facebook: @roadsterdiner
instagram: @roadsterdiner
twitter: @roadsterdiner
menu: Vegan Menu

Wooden Bakery

Wooden Bakery

Wooden Bakery have 2 special vegan wraps, the Hummus wrap, and the Falafel wrap.
The Batata wrap, which was vegan, now has mayo in it; but you can make sure to ask them to hold off the Mayo…
In addition to those newly added vegan items, you can find other vegan options in their menus, like Zaatar Mankousheh, Kebbet Lakteen, Fatayer Selek, Hummus, Moutabbal and so on.

For more Info:

address:  Adma / Adonis / Ain Saadeh / Ajaltoun / AmiounAshrafieh / AwkarBaabda / Baabdat / Bauchrieh / Bikfaya / Biyada / Broummana / Burj Hammoud / Chekka /  Chiyah / Choueifat  / Chtaura / Dahr El Ain Dekwaneh / Elyssar / FanarFurn el Chebbak / Halat / Jal El DibJbeilKfarhbab / Mansourieh / Mar Roukoz / NaccacheRabwehSaida / Tripoli / Zahleh / Zalka / Zgharta /  Zouk Mikael / Zouk Mosbeh
phone: by location
facebook: @WoodenBakeryLebanon
instagram: @WoodenBakery.Leb
menu: Wooden Bakery Menu