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Em Nazih

Em Nazih

Em Nazih restaurant and café opened its doors at the end of 2010. It was established by a modest yet entrepreneurial Lebanese family who desired to serve an unconventional menu in order to stand out from the rest of restaurants and cafés when it comes to food, service, décor, music and the general ambiance.

address: Gemayzeh, Hamra
phone: Gemayzeh: +961 76 711 466
Hamra: +961 3 005 717
facebook: Cafe Em Nazih, Bayt Em Nazih
instagram: @cafeemnazih, @baytemnazih
site: Café Em Nazih, Bayt Em Nazih
menu: Café Em Nazih Menu, Bayt Em Nazih Menu

Zaatar w Zeit

Zaatar w Zeit

Zaatar w Zeit, has a special vegan wrap and a vegan salad.
They also have a vegan leaf sign next to all the other items that are vegan.
In addition to those vegan items, Zaatar, Wild Zaatar and Brown Baked Falafel could also be turned vegan by simply substituting the regular or brown dough that contain dairy with one of their two vegan oat dough or Super-Natural Green dough that contain soy milk instead.

address: Gemayzeh, Sodeco, Downtown, Hamra, Bliss, Verdun, Khaldeh, Hazmieh, Broummana, Dbayeh, Zalka, Jeita, Kaslik, Halat
phone: 1523
facebook: @ZaatarwZeit
instagram: @ZaatarwZeit
menu: Zaatar w Zeit Lebanon Menu