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British Light Bites

British Light Bites

Clinical Nutritionist Josette graduated from London with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition to bring to Lebanon specific dietary guidelines to promote weight loss, weight control, Detox regimes, special dietary guidelines for those with specific food intolerances and allergy’s and in particular a specific and popular Vegan diet to enhance longevity and wellbeing.

address: Antelias
phone: +961 4 444 363, +961 3 279 323
facebook: @BritishLightBitesJBM
instagram: @BritishLightBitesJBM

Live Organic

Live Organic

Live Organic SAL is a Lebanese, family run grocery store and coffee shop committed to bring you the best quality organic and natural products.
Their products include Fresh organic coffee and pastries brewed and baked.
In addition to Flour, Grain, Nuts, Oil, Salty & Sweet, Vegetables and Fruits, Spirits: Organic Wines, Canned and Jarred Foods, Baby Foods and Products Section, Cosmetics Corner, Body Care Products and Home Care Products.

address: Naccache / Ashrafieh
phone: Naccache +961 4 444 886 & +961 4 444 887, Ashrafieh +961 1 218 818
facebook: @liveorganiclb
instagram: @liveorganiclb