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Chateau Kefraya

Chateau Kefraya

Chateau Kefraya is one of the most famous and mainstream wines in Lebanon.
They also declared that all their wines are purely vegan, and do not include any animal products either in the ingredients or in the manufacturing process.

address: Kefraya, West Bekaa
phone: +9611485207, +9611485208, +9611485209
facebook: @ChateauKefraya.Officiel
instagram: @ChateauKefraya_Officiel
Certified Vegan by Chateau Kefraya’s Post on Facebook

Chateau Ksara

Chateau Ksara

Château Ksara produces today among the finest wines which achieve a rare balance between dry fruitiness, delicacy and robustness that leave an imprint on the palate.
Château Ksara offers a wide variety of wine, arak and eau de vie.
from the Red Wine collection, to the Rose Wine collection to the White Wine collection, without forgetting the Arak.

address: Ksara
phone: +961 1 200 715, 961 8 801 662
email: Contact
facebook: @ChateauKsara
instagram: @ChateauKsara
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